Specially Convened Panel Sessions (also see abstracts section)

Tourism and the Heritage of Contemporary Industry
Convenor: Amaia Makua (University of Duesto, Spain)

This panel examines the ways in which the industrial past and also the industrial present is mobilised for tourism purposes. It will explore issues of interpretation, the boundaries of ‘authenticity’ as it applies to experiencing industrial ‘attractions’ and how industrial heritage and contemporary industry situate and challenge notions of identity.

Early Modern Colonialism, Emotions and Cultural Tourism
Convened by the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (University of Western Australia)

Papers consider the ways in which the emotions are embedded and invoked through heritage and touristic sites associated with early modern colonialism and how such sites are active in the presentation, scripting and re-scripting of cultural identities.

Interpretation and Communication of Heritage Values in the Digital Domain
Covenor: Dr Eugene Ch’ng (University of Birmingham, UK)

This panel aims to explore questions associated with the interpretation and communication of heritage values with a focus on the utility of digital technology, and with a view of how emerging technology can contribute to the research and dissemination of heritage information in the tourism sector.

Cultural Routes: Advancing Tourism in Times of Shifting Values of Cultural Heritage
Convenors: P. Battilani, Y. Mansfeld, A. Mariotti (University of Bologna, Italy)

This proposed panel will expose the concept of “cultural Routes” as a tourist product that can facilitate tourism development and dynamic operation of cultural heritage sites. Furthermore, the panel will embrace the issue of continuity or discontinuity of changes and evolution in heritage values that emerge from cultural routes practices and uses.


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