Keynote Speakers

Professor Maria Gravari-Barbas, Director of the Institute for Research and High Studies on Tourism, Paris 1 – Sorbonne University

Title: Tourism and Heritage in a Globalized Context: A New Paradigm

Maria Gravari-Barbas is the Director of the Institute for Research and High Studies on Tourism (Institut de Recherches et d’Etudes Supérieures du Tourisme, IREST) of Paris 1 – Sorbonne University – a multidisciplinary research laboratory focusing on tourism, mainly related to cultural heritage and development. She has a degree in Architecture and Urban Design (University of Athens, 1985), and a PhD in Geography and Planning (Paris 4 – Sorbonne University, 1991). She was Fellow at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA (1990). She is also the director of the UNESCO Chair “Tourism, Culture, Development” of Paris 1- Sorbonne University and the coordinator of the UNITWIN network of the same name, comprising more than 25 top level universities all around the World. She is an invited Professor in different Universities in Europe, the USA and in Latin America. She is the author of several books and papers related to Tourism, Culture and Heritage.


Professor Nelson Graburn

Title: Cultural Tourism and Heritage as Learning: Personal Explorations of Alterity and Identity

Professor Nelson Graburn is one of the founding fathers of tourism studies. Since 1964 he has taught anthropology at the University of California Berkeley where he now serves as Professor Emeritus. He has also served as a visiting researcher at Minpaku (the National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka), and at Fukuoka University and Beijing International and Beijing Nationalities University.

Since 1959 he has researched social change, commercial arts, ethnic identity, tourism and museums among the Canadian Inuit and, since 1974, domestic tourism and multiculturalism in Japan.  Since 1991 he has also worked on tourism in China (and Korea), publishing*旅游人类学论文集*(Anthropology in the Age of Tourism), Guanxi University Press, 2009) and Tourism and Glocalization: Perspectives in East Asian Studies/ (Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology, 2010).


Marilyn Truscott

Intangible Cultural Heritage and Tourism: Connecting the Dots

Marilyn Truscott is a heritage practitioner, with degrees in archaeology, history and materials conservation. She is currently researching community and heritage management, having had a long career focus on local associations, and meanings of place. Her experience spans 35 years: as a museum curator, archaeologist and senior government official, with 40+ publications, having worked in Australia, the Middle East, Europe, Southern Africa and the Asia-Pacific. Marilyn is president of the ICOMOS International Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage, and past president of Australia ICOMOS.



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