Accepted Abstracts

Abstracts are currently being received and accepted. This page will continue to be updated accordingly.

Abdullah. M. Alnafeesi – The Role and Impact Of Preservation Architectural Heritage On Domestic Tourism

Ahmad Nasrolahi, Leila Ghasvarian Jahromi – Influence of Values on Living on World Heritage Sites (Case study: Soltaniyeh Dome)

Aicha Knidiri – The Cultural Space of Djamaa el-Fna Square: between nomination, identity changes and local development

Aisyah Abu Bakar, Mariana Mohamed Osman, Syariah Bachok – Embracing Cultural Identity through Cultural Activities

Akiko Takenaka – Ruins for Peace; Architectural Survivors of Hiroshima

Amanda Mayer Stinchecum – Letting things speak, but to whom? Cultural artifacts, performances preservation and tourism in southern Okinawa

Amra Hadžimuhamedović – Coming Back Home as a Tourist. Heritage and Nostalgia in Post-war Bosnian Tourism

Ananya Bhattacharya – Empowering communities by linking intangible cultural heritage and tourism

Andrea Marion Pinkney – A Chinatown in need of heritage? Religious tourism at Singapore’s Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Andrew Hall and Francois Odendaal – Mulanje, the Mountain where People Disappear: Traditional protection and tourism at World Heritage Sites with strong intangible values

Anne Hertzog – Exotic, historic, symbolic. Contemporary uses and values of a sensitive heritage of the Great War in North of France. The Chinese labourers cemetery of Nolette (Somme, Picardie)

Anne Warr – Shanghai – City of Paradox

Aris Fadillah – National Regulation as Guard and Certainty for the Sustainable Protection and Measurement of Cultural Heritage

Astrid Vella – Tourism in Malta: Sustaining or endangering heritage?

Azizul Hassan – Strategies and Challenges of Tourist Facilities Management in the World Heritage Site: Case of the Maritime Greenwich, London

Brian Wheeller – Humour, Happiness and Heritage at the Seaside. Donald McGill: King of the Saucy Seaside postcard

Cai-Cih Yang – The Value of Conservation and Adaptive Reuse of Cultural heritage: A Case Study of Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Catherine R. Ettinger – Ruta don Vasco. Discourses

Celine Lai – A Study of the Archaeological Heritage management in China: How Are the Finds From Guanghan Sanxingdui (c.1200-c.1000 BC) of Sichuan Represented in China and the West?

Chang-Jui Cheng – The Sustainable Developmental Strategic Planning of Historical Street Area Tourism Enhancement Jincheng Township in Kinmen

Chang Sin Yee, Chi–hsin Chiu – “Eco-life” as a Redevelopment Strategy : the Changing Landscape of Chien-Cheng Circle Night Market

Chao-Shiang Li – Containment and Excess: Tourism and the Value of Industrial Heritage-Taipei Huashan Creative (Cultural) Park

Chen Yuhong – My Heritage in your Land: Contextualising Was Heritage Tourism in Kanchanburi, Thailand

Chia-Li Chen – Interpreting Traumatic Heritage: A study of visitor comment books at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Chieko Iwashita and Sangkyun Kim – Food, Local identity, Tourism: The Case of Udon Noodles in kagawa Prefecture in Japan

Chien-Chang Sung – A Study for Economy Effect Evaluation of Culture-Led Urban Regeneration Urban Regeneration station as an example

Chris Johnston and Damein Bell – Guests on our country: the Challenges of creating an Indigenous approach to tourism

Chris Landorf – Assessing the tourism potential of an historic Australian mining town

Constance Chen – Traveling Americanness: Gender, Nationalism, and Culture in Early Twentieth-Century Asia

Constantin Canavas – Introducing technological heritage into tourism policy: Traditional underground canals (qanāt/kārīz) as a touristic attraction in Iran and Xinjiang (PR China)

Crystal Hui-Shu Yang – From Nostalgia to Utopia: Romanticized Pasts in Jingshan Peasant Painting

Dana Arnold – Projected Identites: touristic readings of Tianjin

Daniela Carl – Aotearoa New Zealand Middle-earth? A new mythical past and fabricated cultural heritage for the purpose of tourism

Daria Tikhonova and Sangkyun Kim – Engaging with Cultural Heritage Sites through Camera Lens: The Impact of Photography on Tourist Experiences

David Callaghan – That’s not who we were the last time I was here?: Reimagining national identities through sites of English heritage

David Prince, Simon Pearce – Two Ships and two Sites: the economies of nostalgia revisited

David Tantow – Cosmopolitan Malayness in globalizing Singapore – living local ethnic culture in Kampong Glam

Dennis Foley – Australian Aboriginal Tourism: Myth or Invented Culture

Dennis Foley – I am aboriginal – No you’re not!

Devi Roza Kausar – Community-based Tourism and Conservation in Muarajambi Temple, Indonesia

Diomira Faria and Roberto Monte-Mór – It is possible a museum to contribute to regional development?

Dong-ming Xu – An anthropology observation of Hanyangling site museum: Study on the reflection of a social communication pattern in China from different roles of participation

Dongping Guan – Initial Research on the Protection and Utilization of Huangshi Mining and Metallurgy Industrial Heritage

E.S.D Fomin – Tangible and intangible Slavery Identity Heritage in two types of African Societies

Ece Kaya – Re-developing the Landscape of Nostalgia: Industrial Heritage of Darling Harbour

Eder García and Catherine R. Ettinger – Imaginaries of the picturesque in Mexico. The uses of tradition in forging a national identity and foreign tourism

Elaine Knight and Kim Colebrook – Is heritage for the young? Engagement and retention of Young People working with Stakeholders and Communities in interpretation

Elifnaz Durusoy – From a Road with Cultural Accumulation to a Cultural Route: The Ancient Road between Milas and Labraunda

Elis Regina Barbosa Angelo – Identities and intangible heritage construction: The traditions of immigrants in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Elise Fong-Sintès – Values in a loop: heritage policies and tourist assumptions in a world heritage property, Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha (Nepal)

Elizabeth Carnegie – Facts, Faith and Frictions: Leeds City Museum visitors’ interventions on the divine

Elizabeth Carnegie, Simon Woodward – Pride and Privilege: Negotiation Student Engagement with Durham World Heritage Site

Elizabeth Morlock, Ornesha Reagan – Resort Rastas and Hotel Hula

Ellen Li (Huimin Li) – Orientalising Free China, 1960-1970

Emma Jane Robinson – The Rise of Green and Sustainable Tourism in Britain from the 1960s: Past Cultural Routes – Developing Futures

Esther Nalliw Licnachan – Identity building through tangible and intangible heritage

Eveline Bingaman – Naxi Culture, Han Desires

Fairuz Reza Razali, Muhammad Qhawarizmi Norhisham, Yasmin Abdul Rahman – Public Funded Heritage Conservation Project in Love Lane, Georgetown, Penang

Falah Jabber – Civilisation and Culture of the Architectural Heritage

Fang-Jye Shiue and Chun-Chieh Lin – The Transformation of the Traditional Industrial Site for the Planning and Development of the Tourism Factory Assessment 

Fatwa M Aziz, Zamaludin and Nur Khairina – Community Development Through Bamboo handicrafts as an object of local tourism

Franca Miani, Valentina Albanese – New value for heritage sites. The case of an Italian region, Puglia

Gediminas Lankauskas – Touring and “Surviving” Socialism in Lithuania: Trauma, Nostalgia, National Remembrance

Giulio Verdini and Yang Yinyuan – The regeneration process of Taohuawu District in Suzhou, China. Another reinvention of the past?

Giuseppina Cassalia and Claudia Ventura – Cultural landscape preservation as key factor for rural development: festival, cultural tourism and community

Goh Hsiao Mei – Managing tourism at the World Heritage Site of the Lenggong Valley, Malaysia: A community-driven project

Guillaume Tiberghien and Simon Milne – Authenticity and commodification of Kazakhstani eco-cultural heritage: A multi-stakeholder approach

Gurmet Dorjey – Tourism and Monastic Culture Intermingling: A Case study

Hadyn Ingram and Saloomeh Tabari – Understanding the mystery of Stonehenge

Han-yin Huang – Local Initiatives and Intangible Heritage in Taiwan: Space between Theory and Practice

Hazel Tucker and Eric Shelton – Apocalypse, transformation and intangible heritage

Helaine Silverman – Monumental Tourism: UNESCO, State Policy, and Conflicting Constructions of Identity and Heritage in Phimai, Thailand

Helen Murphy, Marilyn Wallace – Protecting and Valuing Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area

Hongmei Zhao – On Touristic Fortune of Baisha Orchestral Music in Lijiang—With Perspective of Inheritance of Music Heritage

Hou Song – Poetry as history and the visiting to the past: A Chinese perceptive to the meaning-making of heritage sites

Hsien-hsin Cheng – A study on the urban fringe spatial Configuration and transformation in Annan District of Tainan City

Hsin Yi Chou, Hsiao Wei Huang, Sheng Jung Ou – Researching the Importance and Meanings of Setting Attributes in the Tourist-oriented Productive Landscape – Case Studies of the Solar Salt Fields in Taiwan

Hsu I-Chen – Creative Tourism and Sustainable Development of the Industrial Heritage

Huan Chun Lin – The Impact of Tourism Development on the Historical Seaport District: Case Study of Hongmaogang Culture Park Renaissance in Kaohsiung City

Huey-June wu and Yufu Yang – Reactivation of the historic buildings and urban: a case study of Songshan Tobacco Factory  

Hui-Mei Chen and Hung-Ming Tu – Impact of Agricultural Tourism on Taiwan’s Rural Landscape

Hui-nien Lin – Social Construction of an Indiginous Hunting School in Taiwan Using a Means-End Investigation

Huijun Li – Spatial Change regarding the Values Change: Tourism Heritage reforming in Turpan

Hung-Liang Lee, Chieh-Chih Chou – The opening of the Taipei Dongmen MRT Station – monuments, churches, old houses, a leisurely walk

I-Ling Kuo – Spirits of place: Interpretation and presentation of Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites World Heritage Site

I-Ting Yu and Hui-Mei Chen – Attraction of Transient Natural Beauty: Exploring Visitors’ Motivations and Experiential Values of the Blossom Festival

Irena Weber – Dissonant heritage of Socialism and construction of narratives in tourism context: the case of Slovenia and Montenegro

Iryna Shalaginova – From presenting to revealing – interpreting heritage sites to foreign visitors or how framing techniques can enhance understanding of foreign cultures

Ivana Ciric – Place of Pilgrimage or amusement park: Park of monastery models

Janie Liew Tsonis and Sharon Cheuk – Engaging rural communities and the Tun Mustapha Park

Jared Bowers – Using Ecomuseology to Enhance Sustainable Cultural Heritage Tourism: A Case Study in the Rupununi, Guyana

Jeffrey Guo – Tourism in Hyperreality Shopping Era: Chinese Cultural Heritage Experience in Taiwan National Palace Museum

Jia-Lin Chen and Hui-Mei Chen – Using Means-End Approaches to Explore the Experiential Value of Foreign Landscapes for Independent Travellers

Jieh-Horng Tseng – A Study for Economy Effect Evaluation of Culture-Led Urban Regeneration Urban Regeneration station as an example

Jillian Barnes – Negotiating the interface between colonial sightseeing and Indigenous rights to cultural maintenance, land and self-representation in Outback Australia, 1929-1958

Jillian Hamilton and Susan Carson – Grand Tours in the Glare of the Sun: Harnessing Digital Media to develop Cultural Tourism in an Australian context

Jing Zheng – From “Hakka Tulou” to “Fujian Tulou”: The politics and myth-making of World Cultural Heritage

Jonathan Karkut – UNESCO Geoparks Network: A rocky road to heritage dialogues with the Earth Sciences

José G. Vargas-Hernández – Sustainable Cultural and Heritage Tourism in Regional Development

José Jaime Chavolla – Cultural Heritage and Development. A Recent Undertaking in Jiquilpan, Mexico

Joseph E. Mbaiwa, Tlamelo E. Tshamekang – World Heritage Sites, Commodification of Cultural Resources and Sustainable Tourism: The Case of Tsodilo Hills, Botswana

Judith Carmel-Arthur – Discourses of Shifting Heritage Value: Interpretative Approaches for the Tourist at Conan Doyle’s Undershaw

Judy Barrett Litoff, David Lux – Memory, Museums, and Cultural Heritage: The Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, 1931-1945

Ka Tat Nixon Chen – The national Museum of Bangkok: the adamant mission to influence the mindset of visitors

Karin Ahlberg – Branding Egypt Islamic; the (non-)latitude for new directions within tourism in post-revolutionary Egypt

Katharina Massing – Finding a balance between tourism development and heritage protection: Establishing an ecomuseum in Hainan Province

Katherine Sutcliffe and Sangkyun Kim – Children’s Engagement with Interpretation at Cultural Heritage Sites

Keith Tan Kay Hin – Whose Heritage? The Mission Schools of Malaysia and Singapore

Kérya Chau Sun – Khmer Identity Building Through Tangible and Intangible Heritage of Angkor

Kevin Hannam – The Multiple Mobilities of Viking Heritage

Khawla El Barazi – The Pedestrain Movement and the Social Behaviour at the Old City Center of Tripoli in Lebanon

Kiran A. Shinde – Spatially of intangible religious and cultural heritage: The oral tradition of Jagran-Gondhal devoted to Devi worship in the pilgrimage site of Tuljapur, western India

Korice Archer-Quashie – The Tobago Heritage Festival: Community to Commodity

Kuldeep K.Bhatia and Pallavi S. Dalal – Enhancing the importance of heritage through conservation of heritage precincts – a case of Aurangabad city

Kuo Nae-Wen and Tai-Jung Yang – The Impediment to Food Heritage Preservation the Case Study of Dried Longan in Taiwan  

Kyungjae Jang and Takayoshi Yamamura – How the Internet Adds Value to Cultural Heritage: The Case of ‘ANIME’ Related Communication

Indera Syahrul Mat Radzuan, Naoko Fukami & Yahaya Ahmad – Residents Perception on the Cultural Heritage Conservation and Incentives Programme in the Traditional Settlements: A Case of Japan

Laeticia van Wyk – The investigation of Xaus Lodge as tipping point in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park as a cultural heritage tourism product

Laurel Kendall – But Everyone Seemed to be having a Good Time: A Brief Encounter with the Short-lived International Folk Art Festival of Yangju

Lee Davidson, Gaëlle Crenn, Natacha Gagne & Mélanie Roustan – What goes on tour: tourism, intercultural dialogue and a Māori exhibition on the global stage

Lee Jolliffe – Interpreting Spices and Cuisine as Global Intangible Heritage

Li Cheng – The equitable Perception of Heritage Tourists and Its Travel Behavior Impact: an Empirical study in China

Li-Jung Wang – Ethnic Festival, the Politics of Identity and Nostalgia: The Hakka Experience in Taiwan

Li Jianyun and Sun Yan – Stimulation and conflict: the relationship between tourism and heritage conservation—Take the case of Fujian Tulou as an example

Li Tian-Xue – The relationship between the nation and traditional temple fair of China—take “May 8”festival in the Fuli town of Guilin city as an example

Li Wen Hsin – Authenticity Sustainability and Tourism Commoditization of Cultural Heritage in Tourist-Historic City, A case study of German fairy-tale town Hameln

Liu Sui-Hsuan – A study on the urban fringe spatial Configuration and transformation in Annan District of Tainan City

Lin Hui-Ju and Patricia Huang – House of Spirits

Linda Walton – Confucian Academies in Contemporary China as Sites of Cultural Heritage Tourism

Liu Xiping – The exploration of museum and the tourism: The example of Dunhuang grottoes

Liu Zhen Hui – An Alternative Redevelopment of the Post-industrial Region in Hou-Tong from the Perspective of the Critical Review

Lixin Ju – Nostalgic economy: A heritage-based reproductive project

Margaret Byrne Swain and Yanlan Shi – Tangible Removed and Intangible Renewal in China’s Stone Forest World Heritage Site

Margarida Alçada – Generating meanings, creating attractiveness- The role of heritage tourism in the construction of national identities

Marina Bravi and Emanuela Gasca – Cost and benefits of digitization of cultural services. Some experiences in Italian museums

Martha Kolokotroni – Slum tours and spatial transformations in Dharavi, Mumbai

Marxiano Melotti – Cultural Heritage and Tourism. Maldives and the Challenge of Future

Maurice Roche – Creating Cultural Heritage for Citizens and Tourists: Western Mega-Events, Urban Parks and ‘Recreational Legacies’

Melanie Rozencwajg and Jhava Chikli – Archive as cultural heritage

Michael R. Clement – History, Cultural Identity and Tourism in Guam

Michela Bondardo – Plurality and Responsibility in Cultural Preservation

Millie Creighton – Visiting a Foreign Fictive Past, Shifting Values for the Future

Min-Hsiu Liao – Translating museums: across time, space, and culture

Ming-chun Ku – Moral Community Reconstructed?: Reinvented Rituals and Changing Cultural Orders in Mazu Homecoming Ceremony in Putian, China

Mitsuda Yayoi – Public Heritage and Private Authenticity: Tourism and Thao Culture in Sun Moon Lake

Munish Pandit – Belief systems and built heritage

Nadine Huids, Evelien van de Riet, Ingrid Beltrão, Sharif Imon, Ana Pereira Roders Ana Pereira Roders – Towards the heritage impact assessment of tourism: the historical route of Macao as case study

Natalia Grincheva – Cultural Heritage Online: Digital Diplomacy as a New Channel of Cultural Tourism

Natsuko Akagawa – Seeing the Intangible: Interpreting Armenian Street, George Town, Penang

Noel B. Salazar – The Changing Value of World Heritage at Two Neighbouring Properties

Noura Sahnoune – ‘The Slave Road’ from the Caribbean to Africa: Tourism of memory and policy valorisation

Olivier Chiron – Marketing place and Heritage place; the case of some sacred sites in Sikkim (India)

Patrick Naef – Heritage Tourism and postwar Identity Construction: A Case Study of Srebrenica and Ovćara

Paul Glavey – The Great Escape: Imagining Wartime at British 1940s Vintage Events

Peng Ying – Tourism Development of Rural Cultural Heritage Based on the Nostalgic Feeling – Evidence from the Ming Dynasty Water Conservancy Project Cultural Heritage of Baotun Anshun Guizhou Province

Peter B. Aglobitse, Stephen Korsah – Regeneration Programmes Based on Heritage: A Case Study of Ghana’s Cultural Heritage

Peter Ferschin, Monika Di Angelo and Stefan Niedermair – Communication Architectural Heritage with Mixed Reality Façades

Peter Oakley – A Permanent State of Decay: contrived dereliction at heritage mining sites

Philip Feifan Xie – Developing Niche Tourism: A Case Study of Rail Tourism in US

Po-jung Chen – A Systematic Approach to World Heritage Criteria and Comparative Analysis: A Case Study of the Coal Mine Industrial Heritage in Pingxi Line

Poliana Fabíula Cardozo – The Double Function of the Lebanese Heritage in Iguassu (Brazil): Identity and Tourism

Rabee M. Reffat and Eslam M. Nofal – Effective Communication with Cultural Heritage using Virtual Technologies

Rafiq Ahmad – Promoting heritage tourism, erasing heritage along the historic Mughal Route in Jammu and Kashmir: The ambivalence within camouflage

Rami K. Isaac – The Implications of the “Glocal” Management for the Bethlehem UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Palestine

Richard W Hallett – “A Glorious Heritage”: The Social Construction of Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

Robert Day – Revealing the Architectural Heritage of Japan and sharing the “Local” Tourism Experience

Robert Shepherd – Faith in Heritage: Cultural Preservation and its Discontents

Roberto Maggioni – Cultural Heritage and Mass Tourism Lake Maggiore, Italy. The Borromeo Islands: a case study

Rosemarie Bernard – Tourism, Media, and Changing Discourses on “Cultural Heritage” at Ise Jingû on the eve of the Shikinen Sengû Ceremonies

Rosemary Kerr – Routes of National Identity: Meaning, Myth and Memory along Australian Cultural Routes

Ru-I Chou and Shyh-Huei Hwang – The Application of Social Network on Intangible Cultural Heritage Promotion – Taking Wen-Yang Festival of Chang-Xing Temple in Sucuo Village as an example

Russell Staiff – ‘Lost in Translation’? Conversing across cultures at heritage sites

Sabine Marschall – Heritage, Memory and Tourism: Conceptualizing New Approaches to the Academic Field of Heritage

Sabrina Hong Yi – Examing Suojia Ecomuseum in China – the Ideal Model and the Reality

Samart Plangpramool – A Transformation of Cultural Heritage Attractions through a Manmade Attraction: A Case Study of Ancient City “Muang Boran”, Samut Prakan, Thailand

Sandra Guinand – Heritage values : towards a new patrimoniality regime?

Sangkyun Kim and Chieko Iwashita – The Role of Food Heritage in Regional Tourism in Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Sara Albina and Carlos Alcobia – Tourism in UniverCities. The entrepreneurial university and the shifting values of cultural heritage

Sarosh Mulla – Redefinition of landscape heritage through New Zealand tourism architecture

Sedef Doganer – Re-discovering Sustainable Heritage Tourism in Antalya, Turkey

Sedef Doganer, Angela Lombardi – Reviving HemisFair Park as an Urban Heritage Tourist Site

Sedef Doganer, Angela Lombardi – San Antonio River as a Driving Force for Heritage Tourism

Sheng-Jung Ou, Hsiao-Wei Huang, Ming-Ching Yang, Chung-Heng Hsieh – Exploring the Difference of the Sense of Cultural Landscape between Local Residents and Tourists- a Case Study of Taiwan Cultural Heritage Site

Shih-Chieh Chuang, Hung-jen Su, Chien-Jung Huang – Night market tourism: the perspectives of tourist attractiveness and cultural representative

Shin-Chieh Tzeng – Dancing in the Dark-Museums Are Reflecting New Values in Dark Tourism

Shin-Ock Chang – When Jeju women divers meet tourists: An examination of discursive shift from miserable underclass to mysterious mermaids

Shu-Li Wang – From Ruins to Heritage – Staging Yinxu National Archaeological Park

Songwad Sukmaungma – The Constructions and Design of Cultural Activities by Leading Boutique Hotels in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Stephen Kodjo Korsah, Peter B. Aglobitse – Interpreting and Communicating the Values of Heritage: Perspectives from Ghana

Steven M. Anderson and C.J Anderson Wu – The Fabricated Heritage for Tourism – The Construction of Hakka Roundhouses in Taiwan

Su-Hsin Lee, Jing-Shoung Hou, Wu Shih Chieh, and Ho Chieh – Aesthetics Assessment of Cultural Landscape Reconstruction: Case study of Peinan Culture Park

Sue Millar – Destination Heritage: Does heritage shape tourism or does tourism shape cultural heritage?

Sumitra Sunder – City within the City: Developing Shivajinagar as a potential tourist hub in Bangalore, India

Sunyoung Hong – Revitalising an intangible cultural heritage through a traditional festival of the Tamnaguk Ipchun Gutnori on Jeju, S. Korea

Susan Carson and Mark Pennings – Medieval knights amid the gum-trees: the experience of European heritage tourism in south-east Queensland, Australia

Takayoshi Yamamura and Kyungjae Jang – Cultural Heritage Revitalisation through ‘Contents Tourism’:Collaboration between Local Festivals and Anime

Takuya Soma – Heritage Tourism & Altaic Kazakh Falconry in Western Mongolia. “The Golden Eagle Festival” as an Axis of Cultural Alteration

Tania Maria Tangit – Responsible Tourism towards its Peak: Socio-Cultural Impacts towards Host Communities at Kinabalu Park, Sabah, Malaysian-Borneo

Teresa Cristina de Miranda Mendonça and Janaina Nascimento Simões de Souza – To be or not to be caiçara: tourism, meaning and power in Aventureiro Village (Brazil)

Tessa Morrison, Helen Giggins and Nicholas Foulcher – Bringing Together the Present with the Industrial Past: the Newcastle Digitalised Heritage Project

Thereza Carvalho, Guilherme Meirelles – The City of the Other: heritage, symbolic representations and image merchandizing in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro

Tomas Nilson and Diana Walters – Too much or not enough? Valuing the world heritage of Grimeton and the willingness to pay for the past

Tommy Tran – Locating the “Pure Land”: Articulating Heritage and Buddhist Space in Cheju Island

Tone Magnussen and Oddny Wiggen – “IF WE DON’T HAVE TOURISM, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BLOODY QUIET” – How World Heritage Status Represents Economic and Symbolic Transformation of Place

Tzon-wei Huang – Recreating History in Heritage discussion on educational strategy in the Tamsui Historical Museum

Tzu-Hsiu Lu, Chen-Yi Hsu and I-Chang Chow – Study on the development strategy of the Baguasan Scenic area

Tzu-kai Liu – Touristifying Minority Cultural Heritage under Chinese Tourist Gaze: Community-Based Ethnic Tourism in the China/Myanmar Borderlands

Valiantsina Blishch – Cultural Authenticity in Belarusian Ethnographic Tourism

Vinay Kumar Rao – Heritage Management Strategy: An urgent need to Preserve Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Rakhine (Myanmar)

Vishu Arora – A study on strategies adopted by the government of Gujarat for developing sustainable tourism in Gujarat

Vítor Ferreira – Heidelberg Cultural Heritage’s – Policies and values of the communities surrounding, vivifying and visiting it

Voltaire Cang – Japanese Views of Intangible Heritage: The Case of Japanese Food

Weile Jiang – Afterthought of the Old Summer Palace Restoration

William Cannon Hunter – DMZ to Dokdo: Korea’s patriotic industry and the visual representation of toured boundaries

Wolfgang Georg Arlt – Constructing and deconstructing heritage – Contrasting the Chinese and the Roman Empire in the eyes of Chinese tourists

Xiaobo Xu and Bihu Wu – Interference between Historical District Tourism Development and Living Environment Transformation: Taking “Shuangdong”, Yangzhou as a Case Study

Xiaohe Lu – Energy and Cultural Capital: Audience in Spectacle Performance

Xiaomei Zhao – Tourism Provoking Cultural Identity: Case Study on Dong village in Guizhou Province, China

Ya-ling Yeh – The co-prosperity and co existence of film and television

Ya-Ting Li and Yu-Fu Yang – Cultural Aesthetics and the reuse of heritage assets  

Yasser Hashem Alhiagi and Kabbashi Hussein Qassima – The role of tourism in promoting and developing the built heritage: Old Sana’a City (Yemen) as a Case Study

Yi Fu – The spectacle of an arts and crafts museum cluster: Staging the cultural heritage for tourism in Hangzhou

Yi-Chieh Lin – Interpreting and Communicating the Values of Seediq Heritage

Yin-Chao Lu – Artist as an Interface between Cultural Landscape and Tourists

Youhansen Y. Eid and Mohamed A. Salheen – Revisiting the Old City of Shali: Understanding Cultural Heritage in the Oasis of Siwa

Yujie Zhu – Empowering, Consuming, and Performing: Regime of Value at World Heritage Site of Lijiang

Yuko Shioji – Creating the New British Representation: A Case Study of the British Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Yun Gao and Jing Gao – The tourist development at a Hani village in Yunnan – A case study of the Qinkou village

Yung-Yi Chang – A Study of Museum Service Design: Using “Beitou Museum” as an Example

Yu-Yun Kao, Ying-Hung Li – Using Narrative Analysis to Explore Experience and Place Meaning of Penghu Islands Heritage Landscapes

Zekiye Çaglimar and Müjgan Özenir – Evaluating the contribution of religious dances; Turkey & Sama ceremony on Turkish tourism

Zeynep Turan Hoffman – Subversive Tourism: Armenian Diaspora Tours to Eastern Turkey

Zhang Chong – Interweaving the Past and the Present: Global and Indigenous Heritage Practices in Longxian Village

Zhang Shengbing -The Industry Impulse behind the upsurge of applying for the world heritages and the issues of Economic ethics: A Case Study of China

Zhihui Sophia Geng – Geng Village Storytelling Association: Grassroots Organizations in the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Zijun Tang – Tourism and Heritage Preservation: An Empirical Study on World Heritage Site Wulingyuan in China from the Perspective of Property Rights Economics

Zulaikha Budi Astuti Mustaidz – Assessing Cultural Heritage Conservation within Life Cycle Analysis

Specially Convened Panel Sessions (also see panels section)

Early Modern Colonialism, Emotions and Cultural Tourism – Convened by the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (University of Western Australia)

Tourism and the Heritage of Living Industries

Cultural Routes: Advancing Tourism in Times of Shifting Values of Cultural Heritage

Interpretation and Communication of Heritage Values in the Digital Domain


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